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What Are 'Wildcrafted' Oils?

When sourcing essential oils we strive to work with wildcrafted oils when available before moving to organic. The plants used in wildcrafted oils have been grown in their natural environment and are harvested sustainably without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers.

The best thing about wildcrafted essential oils is that since they're grown wild, native and organic by their own nature, they retain the positive attributes of plants grown in their normal habitat. Whereas plants that have been grown in a farm, even organically, may not retain all the attributes of wildcrafted plants. 

The difference between wildcrafted essential oils and organic essential oils is that organic means it has grown to meet strict guidelines which ensure the plant has been grown and farmed organically. A farmer has to be certified as an organic farmer to be able to produce plants which will distill organic essential oils. 

Both wildcrafted and certified organic essential oils are free of harmful chemical additives and are much safer than their commercial grade counterparts. However, one isn't necessarily better than the other; both have their own benefits. 

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