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Stress Release Blend

Long day at the office and need a release? For a quick fix, try our Stress Release blend - an all natural blend of relaxing scents to soothe your mind and body. Roll on this essential oil blend to lift your spirits and put you at ease so you can carry on and conquer your day. 

Blend Ingredients: 

Orange Essential Oil


The smell of fresh orange can instantly lift your spirits, bring pleasant thoughts to mind and all around put you in a better mood; which is why it's commonly used as a natural alleviator of anxiety, depression, anger and certain bodily inflammations. Research also suggests it can reduce pulse rates which can help you calm down faster when in a stressed state.

Neroli Essential Oil


Yet another magical citrus scent, Neroli possesses the powers in making you feel good and uplifted, since it's benefits include being used as an antidepressant, which will help you quick a case of the sads. It's also a sedative; giving you relief from anxiety, distress, anger, depression, inflammation and irritations. In other words, it relaxes both the body and soul.

Champa Essential Oil


A sacred oil from India, Nag Champa has been used since ancient times during mediation, yoga, & by those seeking spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. It's scent comes from a blend of frangipani (plumeria) and sandalwood, which creates a very calming effect; dispelling stress and thus opening access to deeper meditative states

Patchouli Essential Oil


Commonly used in aromatherapy due to it's antidepressant properties; just inhaling patchouli has an effect on our hormones which releases serotonin and dopamine, which ease feelings of anger, anxiety and anxiousness.


Rosewood Essential Oil


This floral, sweet smelling wood is a favourite with aromatherapists as it has strong antidepressant properties and it's scent can drive away sadness and prepares you to take on life with a new and positive perspective.




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