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Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Workout Routine

It’s not always easy sticking to a workout routine. We have all the intentions of making it to the gym, but when the time comes, sometimes we’re not feeling it. But before skipping your workout entirely because you’re not feeling it, you may want to give essential oils a try to help shift you in the mindset you need to conquer your workout. The natural aromatic compounds of essential oils offer pre- and post exercise benefits, and in certain cases, they can even support your health and performance in ways that might surprise you.


To get your head in the game, Peppermint essential oil is the way to go to give you the mental energy you need. The stimulating natural scent of peppermint instantly wakes you up, and increases your ability to concentrate during times of mental fatigue or stress. It also has mood-elevating properties, to help you increase mental performance and happiness levels.

I like to use a touch of peppermint oil under my nose (just above my upper lip) before a workout or yoga class, so I can inhale the scent while I breathe deeply in preparation for my workout. Also it’s nice when a bit of the scent lingers during my workout, which I find helps keep me focused. I like to enjoy the tingling sensation of the peppermint before and during my workout by rubbing a few drops on the back of my neck or on my chest. If you’re worried about muscle fatigue, peppermint oil is also great when rolled directly on your tired or tense muscles. Eucalyptus essential oil is also a very calming and soothing scent and can also increase your mood and energy, making it a great addition to your pre-workout routine. Plus, it’s amazing scent keeps you smelling fresh for your workout!


Citrus scents are great for a post-workout boost. Grapefruit, Orange, and Lime are a few of my favourite citrus smells that I find are extremely uplifting and help restore my energy levels after I leave the gym. Each one also has unique healing properties; Grapefruit essential oil helps boost metabolism and lower food cravings, Orange essential oil is a natural tonic which boost immunity and helps keep the metabolic system in proper shape, & Lime essential oil restores health and strength to organ systems throughout the body.

Bergamot essential oil is great for creating a feeling of freshness while boosting your overall mood. Bergamot also stimulates hormonal secretions, thereby helping to maintain proper metabolic rates. This stimulating effect also increases the secretion of digestive juices, bile, and insulin, thereby aiding digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, assimilation and decomposition of sugar and the resultant lowering of blood sugar.

Marjoram essential oil has many amazing anti-inflammatory and sedative properties that can do wonders for your muscles after an intense workout. All you have to do is roll the oil directly onto the area of pain, and let the calming and soothing oil put your muscles at ease.





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